Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Garden.

Welcome to my garden. Well, my soon-to-be garden. My husband and I rent a house, so that basically means we are container gardeners. Toady I made huge progress in starting my garden for the year. I would not call myself an expert gardener, but I have had some success in the past with panting and growing some greens. This year, we added two large pots from Costco to the mix. Jim drilled some holes in the bottom for draining. With guidance from Anne over at The Micro Gardener, I had plans to make these plant and pluck containers. 

Lets back up: On March 8th, I decided to plant some seeds. I bought a few packages of seeds from Target of some essentials (lettuce, lots of lettuce!), some potting soil form Costco, and dug out the terra-cotta pots. These seeds were my inspiration for setting up the rest of the garden. I planted the seeds just to give some a head start and to make sure I still had my green thumb. I am glad I did because they definitely gave me lots of inspiration to work on what I finished today. Ok, back to real time...

Yesterday, we stopped by the local garden shop and picked up some beautiful starts. Using those, I had some fun starts to work with.

Mizuna is my favorite leafy green. It had a spicy mustardy taste that is so yummy. If you haven't tried it- give it a taste next time you come across.

Picked up some oregano. So excited to use this in my homemade pasta sauce.

Some more leafy greens, YUM!

Hoping to use the leeks to make a potato and leek soup! Can't wait.  

Sweet basil will be great to add to our homemade pizzas!

Here is a picture of the cilantro and lettuce seedlings I mentioned above. I planted them in these reusable plastic containers that we would get tomatoes, grapes, lettuce, and many other  foods in from the grocery store. I just save the plastic, wash out with soap and water, and then close the lid to make a green house! The lettuce plants sprouted in five days and the plastic is FREE!

Here are the vegetables spaced out in our new tubs from Costco. We have a lot in there, but we're going to be plucking the lettuce before it gets out of hand, so hopefully everything grows nicely.

We also have a couple of avocado seeds place in water that will hopefully crack and sprout an avocado plant. I've been placing them out in the sun when I can, but I read online today that they like heating pads under them when they're inside. Hmm... I will have to try this!

I did end up getting everything planted and all laid out. I will take a final picture tomorrow and share this weekend. Throughout the next few weeks/months, I will also be sharing the progress of my new babies plants!

Do you have a garden? Have you ever gardened? Do you have any garden secrets? Please leave a comment- I'd love to hear from you! 

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