Sunday, May 17, 2015

I graduated.

I graduated with my BA in Human Development and a specialization in Early Childhood from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, CA. Jim, my brother Kenneth, and myself drove down to Bakersfield from Eureka and met my parents. Then, on Saturday May 2nd, we drove to Pasadena for the day to celebrate in the graduation ceremony. It was a wonderful ceremony. I completed the degree through the online option and it was a lot of work, but totally worth it! After the ceremony, we went out to lunch, me, Jim, my grandma, and Ken drove around the town looking for game and paper stores. After spending a few hours in Pasadena, we drove back to Bakersfield and spent the next few days visiting with my family. I am so excited to have this done, and am thinking of what I want to do next. I love school and imagine being in the classroom for the rest of my life.

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